I want to grow or improve my organization, but I don't know how. Help!

This is absolutely my most Frequently Asked Question (or Statement!).
I want you to know that you are not alone, and it's important to ask for help. I'd love to work with you to create a plan for your organization and walk you through the implementation process. Clients typically begin with Mentoring Sessions, although I have everyone fill out a intake form before their first session and if it looks like a Special Project will be a better fit, we will discuss it. Learn more about the options and fill out our contact form here

I have questions about whether Mentoring Sessions or Special Projects may be right for me/my organization. How can I get them answered?

Of course! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about Mentoring Sessions or Special Projects via email at hallie@dotproducts.org. For Special Projects, we typically schedule a call (or multiple calls!) to discuss the details of the project, budget and whether or not we'd be a good fit before we get started!

I’m in a tight spot financially, but I want to work with you. Do you offer discounts?

Because I work with creatives and social enterprise and nonprofit leaders, I’ve set my prices at a place that gives the best value for everyone every day. Because of that, I don’t regularly do discounts — other than our student discount! I was a student when I started Dot, and I offer a certain number of Student Sessions monthly. Email me from your student email account for that rate.

For those outside of that season, I would suggest asking for a Mentoring Session (or multiple!) for a gift from people who love you and want you to grow as a leader. If they’re interested, they can email me at hallie@dotproducts.org to purchase your Session.

Think of other creative ways to fund your Mentoring Sessions or Special Project if a gift isn’t an option! Consider launching a special product or saving up over time. We consider Mentoring a longterm investment, and sometimes it’s worth the wait if you’re not able to do it right away!

What does "Dot" stand for?

Dot is my (Hallie Brand's) grandmother's name! I named the company after her as a daily reminder to live like she and my other grandmother Irma have lived their lives - with courage, hope, and dedication to Jesus.

As a company, Dot stands for Do One Thing. We believe (and have seen!) that we can ALL make the impact we want to see in the world. It's not up to one individual person or group, and we can't wait for someone else to make the changes we hope for. We believe that little by little, each one of us doing the small things we are equipped and called to do, we make positive impacts on our communities. It's not easy, but done together, it's so very good.

How did you get started in business mentoring?

Little by little, day by day! 

Read my story of how I changed my company from a product-based social enterprise to the business development collaborative you see today here

Does Dot still partner with schools on back-to-school bundles?

We love partnering with schools on school supply bundles. Our school supply bundle partnerships provide education to our partners in Haiti AND fund a project of your school’s choosing.
Learn more about our School Partnerships here.

Does Hallie speak to groups? Will she come tell the story of Dot to my (insert group name here) on (insert date)?

I love telling the story of Dot and sharing the faithfulness of God in my life in order to help people see how He’s been faithful in their everyday too. In this season of juggling life, work, and grad school, my availability to travel outside of Nashville, TN may be limited, but I’d love to talk with you about visiting your group. Please email info@dotproducts.org with information about your event/group and any specific details such as date, time, and topic. The more details you can give me, the more likely I’ll be able to give you a clear picture of whether or not I’ll be a good fit for your event.

What other questions do you have? Contact us to learn more!